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Dealership Programs

Cobb Classic Detailing offers dealerships an effective affordable detailing solution that eliminates the challenges of monitoring and maintaining a reconditioning department. We have experience and know how to tackle many different dealership setups and can build a program that is just right for your dealership. Many challenges face dealership detail departments such as the cost of hiring and managing professional employees, maintaining the quality of work provided by employees and maintaining a safe work environment. The quality of work and professionalism put forth by your detailing department can impact your business as much as your sales and service teams.

A partnership with Cobb Classic Detailing can provide benefits to every department in your dealership… even help raise your monthly Customer Satisfaction Index ratings. Whether we service your New, Pre-owned or Service department, we’re confident we can manage and organize your dealership’s entire automotive detailing and washing needs. Our services allow your staff to focus on what they do best… selling your services and catering to your clients.

Dealer Program

Cobb Classic Detailing offers dealerships an effective affordable detailing solution that eliminates the challenges of monitoring and maintaining a reconditioning department. We have the experience and know-how to tackle a wide range of dealership setups and offer a program that perfectly suits their needs.

Dealer Program Includes:
New Vehicle Prep
  • Removal of all transportation plastic
  • Cleaning of wheel wells, tires and rims
  • Pretreatment of any bugs and road grime
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Wipe out door jams
  • Vacuum
  • Place mats in proper locations
  • Wipe down interior
  • Clean windows
  • Dress tires
  • Pre-owned Vehicle Prep
  • Degrease and clean engine and under hood area
  • Scrub wheel wells, tires and rims
  • Pretreat any bugs and road grime
  • Pretreat door jams
  • Scrub and rinse all bugs, road grime and jams
  • Hand wash
  • Clay
  • Dry
  • Compound and polish as needed
  • Wax
  • Scrub all surfaces of interior - center console, dash, vents, instrument cluster, doors, pillars, pockets etc.
  • Pretreat, scrub and shampoo all fabrics as needed- seats, carpets, mats and trunk area
  • Hand clean all leather as needed
  • Condition all interior and exterior plastics and leather
  • Dress tires
  • Clean and polish windows

  • Sold Vehicle Prep
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Remove all stickers and adhesive
  • Clean windows
  • Vacuum
  • Dress tires

  • Sold Vehicle Protection
  • Determined by products offered by each dealership

  • Service Department Detailing
  • We work with every service department to build a full service detailing menu and prices. We build the menu based off the needs and wants of each dealership, and we also research the area to make sure the prices and services offered are competitive.

  • Lot Washes
  • To maintain the appearance of all vehicles we offer our lot wash program. Included in this program is the washing and squeegee of all cars to keep them looking there best.

  • Other Benefits
  • Owner on site for at least the first six months of every new account. Allows me to insure the proper procedures and staff are in place. After procedures and staff are in places I maintain regular visits to each location to insure quality and timeliness of work is kept
  • Management on site- after I have spent at least 6 months at one location and am ready to move on there will be a trained manager on site. The manager will make sure work is up to par and performed in a timely manner. Each manager reports directly to the owner - Jean Cobb.

    Dealer Training Program

    For any dealership that wants to keep there detailing dept in house but would like hands on training for there current or new staff Areas of training available
  • Proper steps and procedures for new, pre-owned and services vehicles
  • Wet sanding
  • Compounding and polishing
  • Wax, sealant and ceramic application
  • Full interior cleaning and conditioning
  • Management training-how to organize shop, delegate work load, schedule, manage staff etc.
  • Material covered in training is determined by the needs and wants of each dealership

  • Assessment Program

    For dealers who want to know if there current detail department is operating as efficiently as possible or if there are areas where they can improve, Cobb Classic Detailing will provide a thorough assessment including tips on how to improve. What's included:
  • Observe and record procedures time management and quality of work
  • Build list of all chemicals and equipment on hand
  • Observe how staff works with one another
  • Schedule assessment
  • Recommendations for improved procedures and equipment
  • Training Pricing
  • Single session 800 a day minimum 3 days
  • Every 4 months 700 a day minimum 3 days
  • Every 3 months 600 a day minimum 3 days
  • Every other month 500 a day minimum 3 days
  • Every month 400 a day minimum 3 days
  • Assessment Pricing
  • 500 a day minimum 2 days
  • Training and Assessment discount
  • 20% discount on first training and assessment visit when you combine an assessment with a training program