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About us

We provide value paired with superior service and a meticulous product. Licensed and Insured, Cobb Classic Detailing specializes in full service detailing in-house for auto dealerships. Owner Jean Cobb has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is extremely hands-on while working with and training his teams -

"I love what I do. As the owner, I don’t just sit at a desk a talk about what we can do - I do it. I spend time at every account working with and training my staff. This allows me to insure that I have the best staff possible and also allows me an opportunity to show my employees what it takes to get the job done right. Over the years, I have discovered that showing my employees my own sense of pride in what I do gives them the passion they need to become reliable and hardworking auto detailers themselves."

About Our Services

Dealer Program

Cobb Classic Detailing offers dealerships an effective affordable detailing solution that eliminates the challenges of monitoring and maintaining a reconditioning department. We have the experience and know-how to tackle a wide range of dealership setups and offer a program that perfectly suits their needs.

Service Department Detailing
We will work with your service department to build a full service detailing menu including prices. We build the menu based off the needs and wants of each dealership, and we also research the area to make sure the prices and services offered are competitive.

Lot Washes
To maintain the appearance of all vehicles we offer our lot wash program. Included in this program is the washing and squeegee of all cars to keep them looking there best.

Owner On Site
The owner of Cobb Classic Detailing, Jean Cobb, will be on site for at least the first six months of every new account. This allows him to insure the proper procedures and staff are in place. After six months, Jean maintains regular visits to each location to insure quality and timeliness of work is kept. A trained manager is always on site at the dealership.

Dealer Training Program

For any dealership that wants to keep their detailing dept in-house utilizing their current or new staff, Cobb Classic Detailing provides professional training.

Assessment Program

For dealers who want to know if there current detail department is operating as efficiently as possible or if there are areas where they can improve, Cobb Classic Detailing will provide a thorough assessment including tips on how to improve.

Individual Auto Detailing

Interior and exterior detailing that shines. Cobb Classic Detailing provides beautiful interior and exterior auto detailing. Make an appointment for your vehicle today!