Individual Interior Detailing

Cobb Classic Detailing

Cobb Classic Detailing's customized services and superior customer service are just a couple of things that set us apart from our competitors.  Your satisfaction is our number one goal.​

Cobb Classic Detailing uses the best-detailing products and equipment currently available on the market. We commit to your satisfaction and aim to do our best, which is restoring your automobiles to the original showroom sparkle and shine that they deserve. We provide the highest quality service and value to our customers. ​

Review our interior detailing services below. If you do not see a service that you prefer, do not hesitate to contact our office. All pricing is an estimate of the cost of service. The size and condition of the vehicle may adjust the pricing.

Whole Interior 2-3 Hours for completion

Starting at: $179.95 (Cars) / $199.95 (Trucks & SUVs)

• Cleaning of all plastics - Dash, Doors, Center Console, Cup Holders, Air Vents, Instrument Cluster, etc.
• Seat Cleaning - Leather seats are hand scrubbed to remove all dirt and debris. Followed by treating all seats with leather conditioner. Cloth seats are vacuumed to remove all debris, hand scrubbed and steam cleaned to remove dirt and stains.
• Shampooing of all mats and carpets
• Interior window cleaning
• Conditioning of all plastics
• Price will be determined after a member of the detailing staff has evaluated your vehicle.

Spruce Up 1-2 Hours for completion

$99.95 (Cars) / $119.95 (Trucks & SUVs)

• Air purge of seats, doors and carpets to loosen dirt and debris
• Thorough vacuuming of all seats and floors
• Hand scrubbing and cleaning of dash, doors and center console
• Cleaning of interior windows
• Conditioning of plastics and vinyls on dash and doors